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Why Cyber Force

Why Cyber Force

CyberForce has a proprietary solution to addressing the Risk and Compliance requirements

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The United States is the premier economic superpower. The foundation of this economic might is the ubiquitous availability of infrastructure across the nation. From the Electric Grid, other public utilities, to the Transportation network; this Critical Infrastructure is the backbone of the nation. Each State supports and regulates the public utilities allowing them to maintain and improve the capability to provide uninterrupted service to its citizens.

Technology, and specifically the internet has allowed the stakeholders to maintaining and improve the aging infrastructure efficiently and with greater automation allowing the legacy systems to mingle with today’s cutting edge technology.


The benefits of overlaying integrated Internet connected technology also opens the door to a wide spectrum of cyber related risk from professionally coordinated attacks designed to intentionally shut down services, or a techno-hooligan looking to cause mischief, to a well-meaning employee that introduces malware by connecting a personal device to the network. These threats are insidious, since they can invade into many seams and they are ever evolving.

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) is overseen by Federal, State, and Local Regulators in an effort to help define frameworks to assist companies in defending against cyber-attacks have created complex compliance rules and requirements, each with various standards, transition periods, and fines for non-compliance.

The stakeholders at every level in Public Utilities have a significant challenge navigating Critical Infrastructure Protection and Cyber-Security requirements for both Compliance and Actual security needs.

The Cyber Force Solution

"Failure Is Not An Option - Always keep the utilities flowing!"

CyberForce LLC takes a systems engineering approach Cyber-Security for Critical Infrastructure Protection. We partner with the Public Utility stakeholders using our proprietary.

Cyber Force Cumulative Risk & Compliance Intelligence Platform (CrCi). This combination of Enterprise products and solutions, enables Cyber Force to provide necessary levels of support to your stakeholder organization.

                   Figure 1: Cyber Force Cummulative Risk Tool