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Cyber Force believes in taking that special care to consider the requirements of each team member as part of the deliver efforts of the individual. These are then mapped against the requirements of the customer to ensure that there is a win/win approach to meeting the customer’s and Cyber Force’s own requirements.

The Cyber Force team is an exciting place to advance your Cyber Security career. If you have interest in working as a full-time, or part-time member of the Cyber Force team, please submit your resume to

Alternatively, you could also upload you resume via the form below. Cyber Force continues to hire at multiple positions. We will be happy to keep your resume on file and match it against new opportunities as they become available; and in many cases, prior it to being listed as a formal requirement in the list below.

Why Cyber Force

  • We work hard to match your resume, your location to our resource requirements.
  • We offer flexibility as much as the assignment allows, as long as the customer and delivery requirements are met. We believe in the work – life – family balance.
  • We work with a broad range of organizations, the commercial and government sector, and across a broad range of technologies and processes.
  • We believe in continuous education and training.
  • We offer commercial benefits that make our work even more attractive.