AWS Security BootCamp

AWS Security BootCamp

AWS Security BootCamp

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. AWS provides secure infrastructure and services, while you, the customer, are responsible for secure operating systems, platforms, and data.

This course will help you in understanding the security at high level and to gain your confidence in securing the AWS environment interspersed with labs on the main topics.

Course Advisor

Srinivasa Kasturi is an expert in the IT industry with a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering from Villanova University and certifications such as CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), ISSAP(Information Systems Security Architecture Professional) , CSSLP(07-17) (certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional), TOGAF(03-09), CCSK(Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge), PMP (Project Management Professional); as well as about twenty five years of experience with network architectures, processes, Conducting thorough risk assessments, providing incident response, and last but not least Cloud Enterprise Security Strategy

The Offering



  • RapidLearn BootCamp
  • Experience Heavy (Hands-On)
  • WeekEnd Class (Saturday 9am-6pm)
  • WeekDay Evenings (Mon, Tue, Thu 7pm-10pm)
  • Enhance Job Performance / Support Career Changes
  • InPerson (Reston, VA), and OnLine
  • Instructor-Lead and OnLine
  • Experience Heavy (Hands On)
  • Custom Dates for Businesses
  • Custom Timings for Businesses
  • Enhance Job Performance
  • Business OnSite Option

Who should take this training?

AWS Admins, Security Admins, IT Auditors, IT Project Manager, Software Professionals, Security Testers, IT Monitoring Personnel, programmers, developers, web app developers.

Developers, Account Managers, Procurement Managers, Contract Managers, Project Managers, Technical Writers, Customer Service/Relations, Business Analysts, and Sales Representatives.

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Key Features / Highlights

60% Interactive Learning Material

Online or InPerson

Work with real tools of the trade!

Learn AWS Cloud Tech.

Coding/Development with Python

Learn How to spot certain attacks.

Instructor Led with 25+ years experience.

Course Description

In this class we will focus on the AWS Security and the unique security challenges that it presents. You will have an opportunity to work with the S3 security, IAM Policies, etc. For those of you who have experienced some of our other courses such as our IT security OnRamp, you will find that the material in our new course builds upon the skills and concepts that you have learned. However, if you have not attended any prior training we do NOT require that you take any prerequisite course.


Improved understanding of cybersecurity, information systems, and development ability to discuss cloud technology in detail.Learn about Amazons powerful cloud tools such as EC2, Cloudtrail, Cloudwatch, and Cloudformation.

Skill(s) Learned / Enhanced

Learn how to efficiently create a cloud based infrastructure and how to secure it. All the while enhancing your ability to manage and understand what happens in a cloud based network architecture.

What do I learn?

Learn about the AWS Cloud and the security challenges attributed to it, as well as learning best practices to ensure your organization limits its vulnerabilities during phases of the development lifecycle.

Course Preview

CyberForce’s AWS Bootcamp is a hands-on heavy course that combines hands on interactive learning modules with a knowledgeable instructor with more than ten years of experience in IT, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Systems.

Interactive learning modules include:

• Creating users

• Assigning roles/privileges

• Key encryption

• Log monitoring

• Log Analysis

• Creating/launching EC2 instances

• Creating S3 buckets

• Conducting compliance based assessment

Following introduction to Cloud Security, Shared Responsibility Model, and Cloud Knowledge bases, the class focuses on the following 5 modules. Most of the learning is in line with hands on classes.

Module 1

Administration, you will learn how to on ramp to AWS. You will work on AWS Console, AWS CLI and create a simple LAMP stack using Cloud Formation. You will ceate an EC2 machine and gain access to it. You will also setup S3 bucket. To gain access of course you will have to setup users and roles.

Module 2

Audit, you will audit your own actions done under Module 1 by looking in to CloudTrail logs.

Module 3

Build, you will be building Infrastructure as code using CloudFormation and other tools.

Module 4

Test, you will then learn to review CloudFormation as though you are doing a code review. We will use tools such as CloudSploit (basic and introductory) to understand security issues in Infrasturcure as Code. We will then walk through a few of the lessons learnt by the instructors in working with CloudFormation.

Module 5

you will quickly review a few AWS best practices, understand a few Enterprise considerations (enterprise = multi-cloud + onprem), and the CIS benchmark.

You will then assess a sample stack using a few of the CIS benchmark checks. You will also understand how to leverage Trusted Advisory and AWS Inspector. As time permits you will look over the reports they produce.

Module 6

Monitoring, Alerting, Auditing, and Incident Response

Lab will cover some of the topics mentioned above to provide you hands-on training.

By the end of the course, you will have hands-on experience and understanding of AWS and Cloud Security to help you do your job better and perhaps even help accelerate adoption of Cloud at your organization.


CyberForce offers Certificates that confirm your successful completion and attendance to notify your current or potential employers of your enhanced skills and ability.

Our courses will help you achieve your career goals whether it is transitioning to the technology field, or just learning about some of the developments in a field with which you are already familiar.


Not enough experience for CISSP? Can’t Become a Certified Ethical Hacker yet? Not to worry, Cyberforce is one of the only cybawsersecurity training companies that does not penalize you or turn you down due to inexperience. CyberForce is inclusive of everyone from every career path, and every age group. It doesn’t matter if you have never used a computer, or if you have been in tech for years! We want to see you succeed!

If you have some AWS experience, it will naturally help.

All you need is:

A laptop

Notebook and pen for notes

Your desire to learn and excel in the technology field



Our courses are instructor led by Srinivasa Kasturi who has over twenty five years of experience in IT, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Systems.

What equipment do I need to take the course?

A laptop

Notebook and pen for notes

Your desire to learn and excel in the technology field

Do I get Coffee & Tea if I take the class InPerson?

Bottled water and freshly brewed coffee are available as well as lunch.

Is this live InPerson training?

We do offer live in person training at our headquarters in Reston Virginia, as well as live on-site training for businesses.

Is it live OnLine Training?

We do offer live online training for our remote attendees.