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IT Security Career RapidStart BootCamp

IT Security Career RapidStart BootCamp



Course Descriptions

IT Security Career RapidStart BootCamp

This training is designed to provide hands-on, immersive introduction to IT Security. It is intended for folks in Information Technology who wish to enhance their career with IT Security, and to begin pursuing IT Security jobs.

This training is also designed for providing technical education and awareness a variety of stakeholders in IT Security. It is also designed for Auditors, Project Managers, Contract Managers, Business Analysts, Investment Analysts, and those that are considering a career change to IT Security.

This class will introduce and expand a person’s understanding of IT Security, Cloud Security, Data Security and Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure. It is designed as a mostly hands-on Boot Camp as over 60% of the training is hands-on.

It is designed to be effective to be received both InPerson if you are local, or OnLine.