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Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (CCoE) for Critical Infrastructure

CyberForce LLC and Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) have entered into a public academia-private collaboration to create a Cybersecurity Center of Excellence for Critical Infrastructure protection. Established in part as a lab, the CCoE will help train Cybersecurity interns using modular Industrial Control System (ICS) environments in the latest regulatory compliance and Cybersecurity technology solutions. Industry-ready Cybersecurity resources emerge from the CCoE, who are pre-trained on a range of industry technology solutions for Critical Infrastructure industries.

The CCoE encourages other stakeholders to support this effort by joining as a CCoE partner. These stakeholders include Cybersecurity and ICS product manufacturers, Critical Infrastructure industry companies e.g. those in Electric Power, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Defense, Water, Datacenters, Medical etc. These partners can extend support by provisioning equipment that will help deliver industry-trained personnel. For these partners, the CCoE also offers a forum for training their personnel and clients. Please contact to express interest.

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